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Yellow Box Honey 1kg Bucket

Yellow Box Honey 1kg Bucket

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09/11/2023 - Very sorry, currently out of stock! ETA Late January


Produced from Yellow Box trees (Eucalypt Melliodora) meaning honey scented Eucalypt. These trees are a beautiful shape, graceful, with drooping branchlets, very picturesque, growing in gullies, mostly out of flood reach. They are wide spread in Victorian foothills.

Yellow Box foliage

Yellow Box honey is a well renowned, favoured honey variety in Australia. It is a superb, very aromatic, table honey – the sweetest tasting, and one of the slowest candying honeys – which makes it very desirable for home use.

Archibald’s Yellow Box is 100% Pure Australian Honey.

Also available in 3kg buckets.

Weight: 1kg

Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 150mm

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