How is the honey shipped to me?

The honey products are wrapped, packaged up and sent via Australia Post.

How come the cost of postage is so high?

Unfortunately the honey products we sell are quite heavy and as such the postage cost is high. We give people the opportunity to buy our honey from anywhere however this means the postage cost may not always make this practical. Why not try asking your local grocer or supermarket to look into stocking our honey?

What payment methods do you accept?

Direct deposit

Credit card

Can I buy honey directly from your premises?

Yes, you can buy honey directly from us during our business hours.

369 Spring Rd

Dingley VIC 3172

Is your honey pasteurized?

No, none of our honey is pasteurized. We warm the honey as little as possible to conserve all the nutrients.


Why is your honey starting to solidify?

This is called Crystallisation, all honey will naturally do this over time. The time taken changes with the type of honey but typically ranges from 4 - 24 months.