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Archibald's Honey

Australian Beeswax Finger 50g

Australian Beeswax Finger 50g

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Archibald's Pure Beeswax in easy to melt 50g pieces. (pre filtered)

Beeswax has many uses -

  • Authentic Candles / food wraps / wood care.
  • As an ingredient many cosmetics and ointments. 
  • Due to its great waterproofing ability its used in many older crafts such as bootmakers / tailors / leatherworkers. 

As with all our products, it is as natural as possible. Our wax is 100% pure Australian and has absolutely nothing added to it. 

Beeswax is a by-product of producing honey. When we cut the comb open to let the honey out, wax is removed. 

This wax is collected and melted down. It is then filtered to remove any impurities then poured into moulds to cool. 

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